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Retford - a Bibliography

Please note: this bibliography is compiled from library catalogues and other sources  - it does not mean these books and pamphlets are easily available.  

For further works try the local studies library (no web presence, I'm afraid.)

Books currently in print are available from Bookworm, Spa Lane, Retford.   They also have photographs of old Retford, reproductions of old local maps, and books about the wider locality.

Bassetlaw Museum also has a range of publications including the past and current copies of the Retford and District Historical & Archaeological Society Review.  

For Nottinghamshire you can try the Nottinghamshire Family History Society Bookshop and the publications of the Thoroton Society which include a bibliography of works on Nottinghamshire History before 1998.

further suggestions are welcome - please send an email

Second hand Christian Books at very reasonable prices are available from Book Aid or from Liberty Books, both based at Ranskill.


Books published before 1945



Specific Buildings, Organizations etc.

King Edward VI Grammar School

The Railway


The A1




General     [printed before 1945]  [Top]

  1. The Official Guide to East Retford Rural District, etc, Charles Edward Shillington, Century Press: London, (1947- Various editions. Only the first, second and third editions bear the author's name. The sixth and subsequent editions were published by Directory Publications: London)

  2. East Retford, Nottinghamshire : the official guide, (Cheltenham, Burrow, 1957)

  3. East Retford rural district, (East Retford rural district, Rural England Series, 7th edition. 1966)

  4. Looking at old Retford, Barry James Biggs illustrated by C. T. Boothby, (Retford, Eaton Hall College of Education, 1968)

  5. Retford directory 1970- (Retford, “Retford Times” Publication.)

  6. A history of Retford; the growth of a Nottinghamshire borough, Allan Jackson, (Retford, Eaton Hall College of Education, 1971)

  7. A Parliamentary Election at East Retford, 1624, P.R. Seddon, (in: Transactions of the Thoroton Society, 75, 1972)

  8. Thirty miles around Retford : an informal guide to places of interest (Retford, Nottinghamshire County Library, 2nd edition 1972)

  9. Living in old Retford, Barry John Biggs (editor). drawings by C.T. Boothby, ( Retford, Eaton Hall College of Education, Monographs no.4, 1973)

  10. The Origins of East Retford, M.W. Bishop, (in: Transactions of the Thoroton Society, 82, 1978)

  11. The lost windmills of Retford, Barry John Biggs, (Retford, Eaton Hall College of Education, Monographs no.5, 1978)

  12. Retford in Times Past, Eric L. Ableson, compiler (Retford, Retford and District Historical and Archaeological Society, 1983).

  13. An East Retford Parliamentary Election of 1670, P.R. Seddon, (in: Transactions of the Thoroton Society, 88, 1984)

  14. Bygone BassetlawM A. MacFadyen (Compiler) (Worksop, Bassetlaw District Council.1983)

  15. Nottinghamshire East Retford registration district : 1881 census index,  Rosemary Jones, (Rockville, Maryland, date?)

  16. The book of Retford, James Roffey, illustrated by Malcolm Dolby (Buckingham, Barracuda Books, 1991)

  17. English Small Town Life. Retford, 1520-1642, David Marcombe, (Nottingham University of Nottingham, Department of Adult Education, 1993) [with bibliography of printed and archive sources]

  18. Retford on Old Picture Postcards, Angela & Greg Franks,  (Keyworth, Reflections of a Bygone age, 1993)

  19. Almost forgotten : boyhood memories of wartime Retford, Vic Hall, (1993)

  20. A town in action. voluntary networks in Retford,  John Reynolds, K. T. Elsdon, Susan Stewart. (Nottingham, University of Nottingham Department of Adult Education, 1994)

  21. Life in wartime Bassetlaw, Malcolm Dolby (editor, various contributors), (Retford, Retford & District Historical & Archæological Society, 2000)

  22. For the common good. a history of the Bassetlaw Labour Party 1918-1998 John Shephard, (Worksop. Bassetlaw Constituency Labour Party. 2000)

  23. 2000 memories of Worksop and RetfordGeorge Robinson (editor) (Worksop, North Notts Newspapers, a Worksop Guardian special publication, 2000)

  24. Old Retford, David Ottewell (Catrine, Stenlake, 2001) 

  25. Retford Bowling Green Limited: Past,Present and Future, Ann Yorath & Shirley Harrison, (Nottinghamshire Living History Archive Millennium Award Scheme, 2001) 

  26. Retford and the Bassetlaw Area [Photographs], Peter Tuffrey (Compiler) (Stroud, Tempus, Images of England Series, 2003) 


Churches     [printed before 1945]  [Top]

  1. A Guide to East Retford Church, (Gloucester, British Publishing Co., Second 1948, Third edition 1962; Fourth edition 1969)

  2. The Parish Church of Ordsall. W. A. Williams (Ramsgate, Graham Cumming, Various editions 1961-)

  3. A History of St. Michael the Archangel, West Retford, Nottinghamshire. (Ramsgate, Graham Cumming, second edition 1962)

  4. The story of the Methodists of Retford and district, Barry James Biggs (Retford, Retford Methodist Circuit, 1970)

  5. The story of the Baptists in Retford and Gamston, Part 1, 1691 to 1853, Janet Hill (Retford, Retford Baptist Church, revised edition 1999; 1st edition 1969)


Specific Buildings, Organizations etc.     [printed before 1945]  [Top]

King Edward VI Grammar School

  1. Three Score Years and Ten, 1893-1963. The chronicle of Retford High School. Donald G. Williams.  (Retford, 1964)

  2. A history of King Edward VI Grammar School, Retford, A. D. Grounds.  (Worksop: R. Martin & Co., 1970)

The Workhouse  [See history links]

  1. The early days of Retford Workhouse, Dorinda Clark-Cole, (Retford, Eaton Hall College of Education, 1969) 

The Railway  [See history links]  

  1. East Coast Main Line - Retford, Keith R Pirt (Penryn, Atlantic Transport. 1989)

  2. Retford 1962 - 1966, East Coast Main Line (VIDEO) Available from Marsden Rail [October 2003]


  1. Cinemas of Retford, George Clarke (Stamford, Fuchsiaprint, c1993).

The A1  [See history links]

  1. The Old North Road through Babworth Parish, Joan Board (Derby, J.H. Hall & Sons, 1992)  


Miscellaneous     [Top]

  1. Geology of the Country Around East Retford, explanation of the one-inch geological sheet 101, new series.  Edward Gordon Smith, G.H Rhys & R.F.  Gossens (London, HMSO, 1973)

  2. Retford in verse, Leonard F. Collingburn (Retford, Scrivenings, c1986)


Periodicals       [printed before 1945]  [Top]

(NB: the dates are those of the holdings of the library consulted.  They may not represent the whole period for which the periodical was published.)

  1. Retford And North Notts Guardian (No. 116, 1983)

  2. Gadfly -Retford  (Vol. 5, 1982, vol. 8 1986)

  3. Retford Writer's Magazine, 1986-

  4. Retford Times, Gainsborough & Worksop, (1869-)

  5. Guardian - Retford edition  www.retfordtoday.co.uk

  6. The Trader - Retford & Bawtry edition


[History index]  [Books published before 1945]  [Top]