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All Hallows Parish Hall

Parish Hall April 2010 Parish Hall September 2013


The Parish Hall on Church Lane is well used by groups, old and new users alike.  It is very popular for events such as children's parties and christening parties.  'Red Roofs', as some have dubbed the hall, is undergoing a series of improvements.  To the outward eye the re-roofing is the main change but internally an important improvement has been the upgrading of the kitchen.  The larger cooker means that we can cater for large groups and anyone hiring the hall for a party can prepare food in the kitchen rather than at home. This improvement has been achieved with the help of a grant from WREN in 2010 (Waste Recycling Environmental).  We have also had help from Bassetlaw Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

Various fundraising events have also been held including the Scarecrow  Festival, Village Ventures events and quiz nights.  The Village Ventures events, organised by Shirley and Peter Thomas, have proved to be extremely popular.  This touring scheme enables over 140 professional performances to be presented in community buildings across Nottinghamshire. Run by local volunteers village halls and community centres host a wide variety of shows ranging from opera to comedy, drama to world music and storytelling to dance.  Village Ventures enables local people to see top class artists in their own communities. 

In 2013 a further grant was received from WREN to provide new windows, ceilings, external doors and decorating.   Support has also been received from WREN and the Ordsall Art Group.  Bassetlaw District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council helped with the provision of equipment.

If you wish to hire Ordsall Parish Hall (12 per hour) or the small meeting room (5 per hour) please contact Deborah Aston: telephone 07903949160





Early evening

Late evening


The Story Frog  9.45 -11.15am

Heather Hartley          07825 662253

Available to hire

Beavers            5-6pm

Cath Wright        01777 869479

Available to hire


Available to hire

Available to hire

Cubs     5.30-7pm

Cath Wright        01777 869479

Scouts       7-8.30pm

Cath Wright       01777 869479


Art Ventures     9.30-12.30am

(term time)

Jo Pettinger               07932 725071

Bridge Club    1.45 4.45pm

(from 24/4/19)

Brownies     5.45-7pm

Jane Cozens        01777 700983/


Martial Arts 7.30pm-9


Everyone Health  


Jack Connor               07398 127824

Available to hire

Rainbows 5.30-6.30

Chris Collins        01777 710493

                  07502 484342

Keep Fit     7.30-9pm

June Anderson    01777 704134


Available to hire

Messy Church 3.45-6pm

(3rd Friday each month only)

Sue Caddy       01777 703322

Helen Richards 01777 703822

Available to hire

Available to hire


Available to hire

Available to hire

Available to hire

Available to hire


Available to hire

Available to hire

Available to hire

Available to hire

Updated August 2012

The new kitchen with a large preparation area, a cooker with a double gas hob and two electric ovens, a microwave oven, 'fridge and small freezer available.

The latest improvements have included the replacement of the ceilings in the hall and kitchen and the replacement of windows and doors.  Then we were ready to start decorating!

Taking down the old ceiling The new ceiling in the Hall Hall ceiling with lights! The new kitchen ceiling
The new front door The new side entrance - no more draughts! The former store now a new meeting room New windows in the chair store ...
cleaner's store ... meeting room... outside store. New plaster work underway
New windows to the rear and side of the hall
New wood panelling in the hall and the painting


New ceilings, new lights, new wood panelling,

new windows and doors, new paintwork and new blinds!

The latest improvements include a new central heating boiler

 and heating in the entrance to the Parish Hall

Many, many thanks to all who have been involved in the continuing improvements to the Parish Hall

including additional financial assistance from WREN, Ordsall Arts Group and a generous private donation.