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 Bishops' Mission 12th-15th September

Teddy Bear Parachute Jump 2019!

Yet again, incredibly brave Teddy Bears, Elves and other furry creatures, old and new, large and small,

lined up to meet the challenge of a free fall parachute jump from the top of All Hallows Church tower.


Incredible parachuting bears...and more!

First you had to choose a parachute for your bear.  Then the bear took a ride in the special cable-car bag, to the top of the Church tower.         

Rik and Richard then launched these Brave Bears into the skies, hoping that the parachutes would open and that they would be wafted gently back to their owners.
All kinds of creatures were brave enough to take on this challenge...This unbearable brave elf gave a classic display of the art of parachuting...
Which inspired others to take on the challenge...
...but if your parachute did happen to fail...then your injured bears were taken to...
...our highly qualified First Aid team who were there to make sure that you were given the correct treatment including CPR if necessary!
You could have your face painted, make a Prayer Plane and launch it up the Flight Path and play games such as the Water Pistol Range, Hook a Duck!
The Country Dance Group from Bracken Lane School once again put on a fabulous display of dancing...
...which included the very intricate and difficult Sword Dance, which was beautifully performed.
We were very pleased to welcome Bishop Keith, the Bishop of Birkenhead to the Parachute Jump. 

He entered into the spirit of the occasion giving a thoughtful short talk which featured the comfort of Teddy Bears.


*Many thanks to Helen Skelton and to Chris Collins for bringing the Bracken Lane Dancers!

Teddy Bear Jump 2008