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History of Ordsall Parish

Ordsall is mentioned in the Doomsday book.  Its church was probably built around the middle of the 13th century.  The first Rector we know of was William de Bilburg who was presented to the living in 1277.  From its beginning to the 16th century records are sparse.  Until the 20th century Ordsall was a small farming village, never important, and from 1754 Rectors did not reside in the parish until Thomas King arrived in 1841. 

Ordsall Population 1743 - 60 families; 1832 - 809 (205 houses); 1841 - 426 (Ordsall village only); 1844 - 755 (253 houses); 1861 - 1,911 (462 houses); 1881 - 3,011; 1891 - 3,852.  The mid-nineteenth century growth reflects the arrival of the railways.  Map from 1887.

Much of the historical research about the parish was done by Rev Reginald Wilkinson who left the parish in 1941.  Further contributions are welcome.  Please email or write.

History of Ordsall Parish


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The Rectors of Ordsall

William de Bilburg 1277-1299 Robert Baynbrig Dynnington 1451-1483 Francis Foxlowe 1812-1841
Thomas de Burton 1301-1313 Ralph Stanhope 1483-1486 Thomas King 1841-1873
Acard de Longpre 1313-1322 Gregory Waryn 1487-1506 Samuel Kelson Stothert 1873-1897
Laurence de Hercy 1322-1364 John Helwys 1506-1511 Samuel Walter Stott 1897-1907
Thomas de Ordsall 1364- Robert Nevile 1512-1550 Robert Dennis Foster 1908-1922
John de Sandall        -1373 William Denman 1550-1587 Montague Gifford James 1923-1925
John Bacheragh 1374-1379 Robert Blundesby 1556-1559 Reginald Felix Wilkinson 1925-1941
John de Burton 1379-1410 Francis Nevile 1588-1589 James Alexander Ramsbotham 1941-1943
William Burgh 1410-1415 Stephen Coe 1589-1614 Reginald Foskett 1943-1948
Robert Cave 1415-1416 Edmund Mason 1614-1632 Cecil Henry Barrett Watson 1948-1958
Reginald de Tylne 1416-1417 Marmaduke Moore 1632-1652 William Alfred (Bill) Williams 1958-1975
John Marton 1417-1418 William Haughton 1652-1673 Philip Ronald Allin 1976-1980
Robert Coyning 1418-1424 Edward Raynes 1673-1695 John Linton Marshall 1981-1988
Adam de Louth 1424-1428 John Pigot[t] 1695-1727 Anthony Nigel (Tony) Evans 1988-1995
Robert Smith 1428-1441 George Mason 1727-1742 Paul Bagshaw 1996-2008
John Hardfish 1441-   Thomas Cockshutt 1742-1774 Sue Caddy 2010
Robert Thornton       -1451 Joseph Scott 1774-1812    

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